12 Games To Play After You’ve Beaten Game Pass Hit High On Life

Image: Insomniac

If you want: no comedy and more FPS gameplay with experimental weapons
Playable on: Resistance 3 is streamable via PS Plus. Resistance: Fall of Man is locked to PS3 (discs are pretty cheap on eBay)

The PS3 had a number of shooters that I’d totally categorize as hidden gems. Killzone, SOCOM, the second iteration of Metal Gear Online, and the Resistance trilogy. While these alien-blasting shooters from Insomniac never reached the popular appeal of a Halo or Call of Duty, they are definitely worth your time if you want a shooter with an arsenal of strange guns that make great use of secondary fire functions.

The first and third games are perhaps closest to High on Life since you have access to all your guns via a weapon wheel (the second Resistance game ditched this for a more traditional, Halo-esque two weapon carry limit). The third one in particular has a pretty “meh” story and what I’d consider a sour end to the trilogy, but it feels the most modern of all of these and has plenty of fun moments.

Some standout guns are the Auger, which fires rounds that travel through physical walls as its main fire, and a shield as secondary. The Bullseye lets you tag an enemy with a dart that allows your shots to home in on the target, meaning you can even shoot around corners. The game’s sniper rifle has a secondary function that slows down time, so you can perfectly line up headshots.

Resistance doesn’t really have any comedy, but it’s a fun shooter with multifaceted weapons of the kind we see in High on Life, there’s just a whole lot more of them.

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