2023 BMW 5 series

2023 BMW 5 series, All you want to know about a Great Car


In case you’ve missed the memo, BMW has been using a new tagline: “The Power of Choice.” While it might make you think of Kia’s old “Power to Surprise” slogan, Bavaria’s message is not as vague as these types of mottos usually are. It refers to selling a car with all types of powertrains: gasoline, diesel, hybrid/plug-in hybrid, and EV. One such example is the X3 / iX3, with the new 7 Series debuting April 20 to offer a vast array of powertrains.

It’ll be the same story with the next-generation X1 arriving by the end of the year, but we’re here to talk about the new 5 Series. Our spies have gathered footage taken in different locations depicting several prototypes. We can see the combustion-engined 5er, the plug-in hybrid, and the purely electric i5. They all look just about the same since the 5 Series and i5 will share the same CLAR platform. Mercedes has taken a different approach as its S-Class and EQS ride on different architectures, with the latter featuring bespoke EV underpinnings.

Even though these test vehicles have multiple layers of disguise to conceal the production design, we can already tell the 5 Series / i5 will not get the gigantic grille of the next 7 Series and XM. Those headlights and taillights are placeholders, but since the body panels won’t change, the provisional clusters have the same shape as the final ones.

The flush door handles resemble those of the i4 and should help with airflow for better efficiency. The new 5 Series appears to have a sharper design and we’re getting the impression it boasts rear-wheel steering. Spies weren’t able to take a peek inside, but previous shots have shown a revamped dashboard to accommodate the iDrive 8 setup with its side-by-side screens. BMW has said it will eventually have this layout across all models.

During the annual BMW Group conference held yesterday, the company announced pre-production of the i5 will commence this year. It could mean the next 5 Series will be available with all forms of propulsion from day one when it’ll go on sale in 2023. A similar strategy is being worked on for the 7 Series / i7 and the X1 / iX1 pairs.

Likely arriving in 2024 or early 2025, the M5 will retain its V8 engine, but with an electric motor to push combined output to around 750 hp. A more accurate horsepower number will be available by the end of this year when the wild XM SUV will break cover in production guise.



BMW launches its Neue Klasse platform, which will first underpin a 3 Series-sized sedan that will debut in late 2025, it will continue to launch electric and electrified models based on its current CLAR platform. One such model is the next-generation 5 Series, also available as the pure-electric i5, whose debut has now been confirmed for 2023.

This was announced by BMW’s CEO, Oliver Zipse, during a recent quarterly call when he simply stated, without giving any additional details, that

Next year, we will be electrifying another core BMW-brand product: the 5 Series.

Just like the CEO of Mercedes-Benz recently did, Zipse also mentioned that BMW has seen very strong demand for its new i4 and iX (pictured below), adding that the company has never in its history had so many pre-orders. Apparently, the order books for the two aforementioned EVs, innovation drivers as BMW calls them, are full for several months.

Zipse also mentions another very important new EV, the iX1, whose debut he confirms for the fourth quarter of 2022. It will be another EV that is built on a platform shared with ICE variants, in a lineup of electric vehicles where only the flagship iX sits on a bespoke EV architecture (one that previews but isn’t the 2025 Neue Klasse platform)

Next year’s i5 will be a larger, more comfortable and luxurious proposition compared to the sportier i4. No word on specs yet, but what may interest some prospective buyers is the fact that it will not have a polarizing design – there is a good chance the new G60 will be a great looking, understated BMW like most of the 5 Series generations that have preceded it.


It won’t have a huge fake grille or strangely shaped headlights and based on what we can tell from spy photos of camouflaged prototypes, it looks like a classy (maybe even slightly dull) sedan. You will be able to tell the BEV i5 apart from ICE variants by its fully closed grille, special bumpers and wheels with blue accents, as well as subtle badging all around.

BMW has not confirmed if it is making an electric version of the 5 Series Touring, the wagon, but we see no reason why it couldn’t be offered. According to an older report based on unnamed insider sources from within BMW, the manufacturer will offer the i5 Touring as its first ever electric wagon, but we have so far seen no Touring prototypes at all, so we can’t yet be sure it’s going to happen.


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