Apple CarPlay, all you need to know about this 1st amazing tchno

Apple CarPlay, all you need to know about this 1st amazing tchno


Apple CarPlay Could Soon Control Climate Functions and More

Apple reportedly wants CarPlay to integrate with more of your car’s features—but not much is left.


Apple CarPlay could control more of your car’s equipment, according to a report by Bloomberg. The publication cites unidentified individuals within Apple who claim the advancements are being developed under the project name “IronHeart”.

Should IronHeart succeed, CarPlay could control the a vehicle’s climate control system, power seat controls, and all audio functions—not just those of the user’s iPhone. Bloomberg notes, however, that IronHeart’s biggest hurdle will likely be convincing automakers to give Apple access to such features.

Although most automaker’s new vehicles are CarPlay compatible, some are still not. This includes Tesla’s cars and SUVs. Others, such as Toyota, only recently agreed to add the feature to its vehicles following years of fending the technology giant off. Arguably, the adoption of IronHeart could play out similarly, with a few automakers deciding to accept the tech within its vehicles early on, followed by other manufacturers following on sometime later as more customers express interest in the feature.

Regardless, it seems Apple’s automotive industry ambitions are by no means waning. Whether this ultimately results in a genuine Apple-badged car or a more deeply ingrained user experience between Apple’s technology and various automaker’s four-wheeled machines remains to be seen.


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Apple CarPlay: An Overview

Apple CarPlay is Apple’s car infotainment system powered by iPhone. In this video, we take a brief look at CarPlay, its features, and a couple new features that came with iOS 14. Let me know in the comments, do you use CarPlay, and if so has it improved your driving experience?


Make Apple’s CarPlay EXTRA Worth It (Apps & Tips)

Watch Next: New CarPlay Features, Tips, Apps (iOS 13) –  CarPlay was a must when I bought a new car and it’s made driving so much better and more fun. But you don’t have to settle for the “default” CarPlay experience! These tips and apps will make CarPlay even better!
Time Stamps:
1:07 – How I use CarPlay on a given day
2:57 – Privacy on CarPlay vs Android Auto
4:00 – Remap Siri to work with Google Maps or Waze for navigation
4:48 – Quickly switching between last used apps
5:28 – Avoid CarPlay glitches and freeze-ups
7:13 – How to re-arrange CarPlay apps
7:40 – Tell CarPlay to remember where you parked (see on your phone)
8:12 – Stop audio from auto-playing in CarPlay
9:39 – Taking screenshots in CarPlay
10:01 – Adjusting the volume of Siri separately from music volume
10:32 – Get an Apple Watch to use with CarPlay navigation!
11:15 – A dongle that adds CarPlay to older cars
11:46 – My favorite USB cord for CarPlay
12:42 – The four main CarPlay app categories
13:27 – Expanding beyond the main CarPlay apps using Siri
13:42 – Making a note using Apple Notes while driving
14:13 – Using Siri Shortcuts to get more apps to work with CarPlay
14:23 – Deliveries (package tracker) Siri Shortcut CarPlay demo
14:36 – Things (todo list app) Siri Shortcut CarPlay demo
14:57 – Dar Sky (weather) Siri Shortcut CarPlay demo
15:14 – Drafts (notes) Siri Shortcut fail (why?????)

Install Apple Carplay in ANY car easy tutorial – Intellidash Review

Here’s the first paragraph: If you’ve ever used Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you know that this technology is a life-changer. Not only can it actually save a life by keeping your eyes on the road and off your phone, but it can also make using your phone more intuitive, whether from the driver or passenger seat. If you’re looking for an operating system specifically made for smartphone integration and in-car use, let us introduce you to the Car and Driver Intellidash+.

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