Farming World of Warcraft Gold

Every WoW player should know so far that there are many ways for farming World of Warcraft <a href="”>gold. Not many, though, are aware of the best techniques that can make anyone rich in short time. In this article I will tell you about a few WoW cash-making methods that I have learnt using a WoW <a href="”>gold guide.


This method of farming World of Warcraft <a href="”>gold, requires a few extra hours per game session to be effective. If you have only a few hours a week to play, this is not the method for you. Also, to be a successful gatherer, an epic flying mount is a MUST. Gathering consists in mining and herbalism, and to be able to cover large areas in search for minerals or flowers. You need to move fast or else your competition will get ahead of you. Gathering can be very profitable, because at some points there are very harsh demands for certain flowers or minerals. Players are also lazy when it comes to gathering what they need, and they would rather buy their materials from the auction house.


The second technique for farming World of Warcraft <a href="”>gold makes a reference to pure farming and selling. This usually brings 100% profits for any player but it takes time. It is preferred by a large number of players but it is good for the players who spend a few hours a day in-game. It requires knowledge about thew best spots in the game, what is best to kill and what is best to loot and sell at the Auction House. Combined with skinning, tailoring or enchanting this method can bring you a nice income. Also, you need to be able to kill mobs in large numbers, to fill up your bags as fast as possible, because after all, time is money. This method applies best for classes that have powerful AoE abilities, like mages for example. Also, the mobs at the spots you’re grinding must have a decent spawn rate, otherwise it doesn’t matter how quickly you kill them because you’ll have to wait anyway.

Auction House

This method of farming World of Warcraft <a href="”>gold is about how to manipulate the Auction House to your advantage. I must say here, this is one of the best ways for a casual player, with only few hours a week time to play. It doesn’t require investments in any profession, you don’t need a flying mount or any grinding to do this. I wouldn’t recommend this method to a beginner though, mastering the Auction House needs quite some research and it is sort of like gambling. If you don’t understand its mechanisms completely, it just might be a bad business. This method is all about buying and reselling for higher prices. A player who dominates the Auction House must know exactly what to buy, when to buy, what to sell, when to sell and how to sell. Logging only a few minutes a day, this method can bring you quite some nice profits.

Roughly speaking these are the main methods for farming World of Warcraft <a href="”>gold. In order to get rich in Wolrd of Warcraft, any player should make a combination of these three.

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