From Borderlands To Wonderlands, The Best And Worst

A vault hunter points a gun at a giant brain enemy on the moon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Screenshot: 2K

Zack: Sure, it’s got a really silly name, but I think Pre-Sequel is the hidden gem of the franchise and a game that a lot of people skipped because it seemed like filler and not a proper new Borderlands installment. But hold up! Don’t skip this adventure. It features some of my favorite playable characters and classes in the franchise. It also is set on Pandora’s moon, letting you hop around in low gravity while killing endless goons. And if you are someone who cares about the lore and world of Borderlands, Pre-Sequel is filled with fan service, hints at future storylines, and answers lingering questions and character origins. This is how Handsome Jack becomes the big, bad villain we see in Borderlands 2. You telling me you don’t want to play that game?

Ari: Low gravity! Ice powers! You get to play as Claptrap! On the freakin’ moon! In terms of pure gameplay, The Pre-Sequel had a whole lot going for it. I do, however, think this is the first instance of the Borderlands franchise starting to go off the rails a little bit. The end of Borderlands 2 teed up a vast galaxy full of wonder and possibility. And then the series just…left that thread dangling for seven years. In a vacuum (sorry, sorry, I’m trying to delete it), The Pre-Sequel stands on its own. But considered as part of a larger whole, it felt like a stopgap meant to maintain interest in a popular series before the more important stuff could come out.

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