Among the many stately vehicles gracing this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is a new concept car from Lincoln that’s impossible to miss. The Model L100 is a long, low, and sleek fastback that pays homage to the automaker’s luxurious past while providing a possible glimpse into the future of luxury motoring at Lincoln.

The 1922 Model L is specifically mentioned among vehicles for which the L100 Concept draws inspiration. Admittedly, we don’t see much similarity between the two, save for two rows of seats and a long wheelbase. Being an electric vehicle, the L100 Concept certainly requires a slippery shape to better slip through the air, and that comes through in spades with its vast, organic shape.

If that’s not enough to garner attention, the car opens up in a grand fashion. Two doors swing out on reverse hinges, though in this instance, doors essentially mean everything from the front fenders all the way to the rear. The roof also lifts up, making entry and exit for passengers supremely easy. And frankly, with everything deployed, the concept looks pretty darned cool.


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Once you’re in there, the lack of driving controls or instrumentation becomes apparent. Lincoln sees the Model L100 as a fully autonomous vehicle, and as such, it boasts a configurable interior to suit the needs of passengers. Everyone can face forward, or the front seats can rotate to create a face-to-face atmosphere. The center console includes an interactive screen that, among other things, includes a chessboard. That’s not the only digital item in the cockpit, however. The floor is also digital, and the interior is awash with lighting features that all combine to create a sanctuary for passengers.

With this being purely a concept vehicle, there are no statistics available regarding range, speed, or other performance metrics. it’s purely an exercise in design, much like the company’s Anniversary concept that debuted last year. Of course, that’s not to say some ideas explored in the Model L100 couldn’t eventually filter down to production vehicles.

“We are at a special moment in our history,” said Joy Falotico, Lincoln Motor Company President Joy Falotico. “Over the last 100 years, Lincoln has pioneered multiple innovations and pushed the boundaries of design that have come to define our brand as we know and love it today. With the Model L100 Concept, we reimagine what the Lincoln sanctuary might look like for our clients of tomorrow moving us forward to define the next chapter of the Lincoln story.”

ByChristopher Smith / motor1