Marvel Snap Player Hits Max Collection Level in What Dev Calls a ‘World First’

A Marvel Snap player has achieved a truly Marvel-ous feat by reaching the end of the Collection Level track and seemingly becoming the first player in the world to do so.

Spotted by @SnapDecks on Twitter, a player by the in-game name Aaron has reached the end of his progression in Marvel Snap, halting his progress and gaining the attention of the development team at Second Dinnner.

In the short video posted with the tweet, we can see Aaron has maxed out at CL 22,366, a number the vast majority of Marvel Snap players will likely never reach. Aaron created a post in the official Marvel Snap Discord to bring attention to the issue, as he is no longer able to earn in-game rewards simpy by playing to increase his Collection Level.

Second Dinner developer Stephen Jarrett responded to Aaron’s discord post by saying, “Thanks for sharing! Impresive achievement. Think we can call it a ‘World First’. We will extend it in a future update.”

For those unfamiliar with the fast-paced card battler, your Collection Level is a reward track that allows you to unlock new cards, variants (basically cosmetic skins for your collected cards), as well as in-game currencies and other cosmetic items. Prior to this discovery, it was assumed you could continue progressing indefinitely as once you achieve a full card collection, there are still thousands of variants and other cosmetic items such as titles and avatars to add to your collection.

Marvel Snap has been available globally since October 18, 2022, but had an extended closed beta period that began in May, which Aaron was a part of. This has given him additional time to grow his Collection Level, but he also added in Discord that “[he] stopped keeping track, but [he] spent like $400-500 a month since day 1 of closed beta. and bought every bundle, and maxed out the nexus event to get this far.”

For comparison, I’ve been playing Marvel Snap daily since its global release and I’m currently sitting at CL 2,458. That means if I keep up this pace, I’ll reach Aaron’s CL in a little over two years. That’s a lot of Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap continues to see massive success since its launch a few months ago, taking home Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards. Its long-awaited upcoming Battle Mode is right around the corner and looks to shake up the existing formula by allowing players to finally play against their friends.

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