MLM Training Success – The MLM Success Secrets of the Right Warm Market Leads

MLM Training Success

MLM Training Success – The MLM Success Secrets of the Right Warm Market Leads

In order to start your business, you must do what is called a “Memory Jogger”, which is a list of names of people that you know that you will call or contact to tell about your products or mlm business.

Most folks that do a memory Jogger in mlm, or makes a names List, find that they have some difficulty coming up with the names. The Network marketing Company you have partnered with should provide you with a list of “Triggers” that will trigger your mind of people that you know.


It is a Psychological Fact that if you are 25 years or older, you know 1000 people.

You have just forgotten most of them, so you need a reminder of them. That is the purpose for a Network Marketing Memory Jogger.

The list could contain names of family, occupations, associations, plus many more. You need to look at the list and come up with as many names as you can.

A list would look something like this:













Construction workers

Communication workers

Car Salesman



Electrical workers




Flooring Sales


Karate Instructors

Life Insurance Sales

Legal Assistants

Machine Shop workers

Retail Sales clerks


You get the idea.

But you must come up with at least 50 names the first attempt.

This will give you what I call a “Working Inventory”.

Inferno Secret:

Your REAL Inventory is NOT the products or Services your company sells. It is PEOPLE.

And you MUST have people to talk to about what you are doing. Many folks who start out have way too few names, and then complain that they have no one to talk to. Think of everyone you know WITHOUT judging their interest level, and write their name down. Use the Memory Jogger provided by your network marketing company, and do it with your upline. It will become a very important part of your beginning success in MLM.


Use the “Follow your Dollar” strategy to come up with names for your warm market list. WHO are you spending money with to live your life and purchase things for you and your family?

Who is your Insurance Agent?

Who did you buy your car from?

Who do you buy your clothes from?

Who sold you your house?

Who do you buy your airline tickets from?

Whose your doctor?

Who does your taxes?

Who is your Dentist?

Are you starting to get the point?

There are people you do business with. You need to let them know you could use their help in your new network marketing enterprise.

Say, “I think you would agree that I do a lot of business with you, and I need your help with my new enterprise.”


To DOUBLE the size of any Memory Jogger, you need to ask a question.

“Who do you know that they know?”

This will double the size of any Names List you can potentially come up with.

Doing a Memory Jogger is important to your getting off to a good start in Network Marketing. Make sure you do it and follow the suggestions your company recommends for massive MLM and Network Marketing Success.

Prepare and write by:

Author: Mohammed A Bazzoun

If you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask in comments.


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