Porsche believes in hydrogen


Porsche believes in hydrogen

Let enthusiasts rest assured: Porsche does not only think about electric motors. After taking an interest in synthetic fuels, the brand carried out a fully virtual study on hydrogen combustion engines.


Porsche studies the hydrogen combustion engine
P orsche studies hydrogen combustion engine
The idea of P orsche engineers was to develop a cleaner engine than a traditional gasoline engine, while being as powerful but not more expensive. In order to limit the budget of this study, Porsche carried it out entirely virtually. The starting point was the 4.4-liter V8 used by the Cayenne and Panamera. To adapt it to hydrogen, its volumetric ratio was increased, as well as electrically assisted turbochargers were retained to compensate for the lower combustion temperature.

This engine would develop 600 hp, but would mainly emit much “cleaner” exhaust gases, without costing more thanks to the absence of particulate filters. P orsche does not intend to put this model into production at the moment, but this study is still promising.

Porsche believes in hydrogen
Porsche believes in hydrogen

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