Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 12 walkthrough

Resident Evil 4’s 12th chapter follows Leon up to the surface (finally) — a journey he started in Chapter 11.

Our Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 12 walkthrough will make sure you don’t miss any items from the beginning of the chapter through completing a couple Requests and the Clock Tower.

Make your way to the surface (finally)

Before anything else, sweep the platform where you fought Krauser. You’ll find a green and a red herb on some of the boxes on either side of the platform.

Take the (very slow) elevator at the north end of the platform. You’ll get a call from Ada on the way.

When you step off the elevator, turn left. There are two Blue Note Requests on the left wall — Jewel Thief and The Disgrace of the Salazar Family. Continue left to find a vase with some pesetas. Head in to visit the Merchant and save at the typewriter.

He won’t have anything new to sell and you probably don’t have any treasures to sell, so just repair your knife and Body Armor, and move on.

Before we take the gondola (cable car?) outside, head to the right and unlock the door back to the Ballroom. Before you step through, turn left and open the case on the table for a Small Key.

Throne Room Request

Head back through the Ballroom and return to the Antechamber. There are several zealots and spider parasites waiting for you. Deal with them, and then push into the Throne Room.

Inside, check the right side for the Chronicles of Pursuit 2 file and a vase with pesetas. Over to the left, smash the crate for some gunpowder.

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Head up the stairs and turn right to find a Square Lock Box. Rotate the Cubic Device twice down to unlock it and grab a Gold Chicken Egg. The Housekeeper’s Memo 2 file is just to the left.

In the back right corner, grab the Boot Knife from the portrait and smash the vase to the left for some pesetas. Continue around counterclockwise and smash the vase next to the throne for more pesetas.

Over on the left side of the room, grab the Ramon’s Confession file and smash the vase for more pesetas.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon throwing an egg at a portrait of Ramon Salazar to complete a Blue Note Request.

Egging Ramon’s portrait
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Ramon’s portrait is in the northeast corner of the room — to the left of the throne. Pick up one of the chicken eggs nearby (why are there chickens in the Throne Room?). In thetrait to finish the The Disgrace of the Salazar Family Request.

Courtyard Request

For the Jewel Thief Request, you’ll have to backtrack through the Grand Hall and into the Courtyard.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon in the Courtyard with the bird’s next holding the scratched emerald treasure for another Request.

Scratched emerald location.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

At the bottom of the stairs, continue west and around the corner as if you were heading to the Merchant there. The bird nest you’re looking for is above the doorway ahead of you to the north. Shoot it down, and you’ll pick up the scratched emerald on your way to that Merchant.

Sell the emerald to the Merchant to complete the Request (you can also sell that Gold Chicken Egg while you’re here). Head all the way back to the Ballroom.

Head for the clock tower

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon riding the gondola to the Clock Tower

Image: Capcom via Polygon

From the Ballroom Merchant, head outside to the gondola and ride it across to the Clock Tower. When you arrive, cut to the right and smash the vase for some handgun ammo and pesetas.

Up the stairs, smash the crate and vase on the left for rifle ammo and pesetas. Push through the big doors to the north. Continue up the hall to the round room for a quick cutscene.

Deal with the zealots who attack after. Before you take the stairs, sweep the ground floor for three barrels with handgun ammo and pesetas. Duck behind the wall in the southwest to find a chest with a gold bar inside.

Resident Evil 4 remake Clock Tower Clockwork Castellan 11 of 16 location.

Clockwork Castellan 11 of 16 location.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

In the northwest corner, look on top of the boxes under the stairs for Clockwork Castellan 11 of 16.

As you head up the stairs, there’s a barrel on the first landing with more pesetas and another at the top with resources (S).

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon looking at a lantern in the Clock Tower

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Head left to the next corner and smash another barrel for even more pesetas. Turn left and look above the blocked stairs for a lantern with an alexandrite.

When you head back to the center of the room, the giant statue will start breathing fire. Retreat to your corner and watch the back of its head carefully — there’s an explosive barrel inside.

Resident Evil 4 remake aiming at the explosive barrel in the back of the giant stone castellan’s head

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Shoot it to disable the head. Head back past the flaming head and climb the ladder there. Take a left and smash the barrels for some more pesetas.

Follow the walkways across, deal with a few more zealots, and smash the next barrel for some handgun ammo.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon watching two zealots get squished by a huge spiked metal ball.

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Head up the stairs. Ignore the zealots and barrels as best you can because another zealot up top is about to Indiana Jones a spiked ball down the stairs toward you. Get back down to the walkways and wait it out.

Head up the stairs again. Grab the pesetas from the smashed barrels and stick to the left to wait out another spiked ball. Keep heading up.

Duck into the cage-alcove on your left and handle the zealots. Smash the barrel for some rifle ammo and wait out one more spiked ball. Keep heading up and sticking to the left.

You’ll run into an arbalist in another alcove about the same time the next ball rolls through. Smash the barrel there for some handgun ammo.

At the top, take out the zealot controlling the lever. When you see a bunch more zealots start heading up the stairs, throw the lever yourself to drop one final spiked ball to take them out. Smash the barrel to the right for some gunpowder.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon taking a detour onto a walkway with a barrel and a treasure chest

Image: Capcom via Polygon

Start up the stairs again — they’re blocked, so you won’t get far. At the gate, turn left. Smash the barrel for a green herb and open the chest there for a Mirror with Pearls & Rubies.

Drop off the ledge into the center and smash the barrel on your left for some pesetas. Head to the right and smash the barrel there for more gunpowder. There’s a chest behind that barrel with an Extravagant Clock inside.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon aiming at an exploding barrel next to a zealot.

Image: Capcom via Polygon

The lever in the center of the floor will raise the lift you’re standing on. Before you throw the lever, reload all your weapons (and craft some shotgun ammo if you can). On the ride up, you’ll have to deal with a ton of zealots. Watch for exploding barrels to help you out as you go.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon aiming at a red-robed zealot.

Image: Capcom via Polygon

You’ll also have to watch for the pair of red-robed zealots — take them out as fast as you can to avoid too many plagas popping up.

Throw the lever and fight your way up.

Resident Evil 4 remake map of the Clock Tower with items marked

Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

At the top, take the stairs up and through the door. Follow the walkway outside to the left to find a binocular vista. While you’re up here, snipe any zealots you can spot.

Resident Evil 4 remake Leon on the scaffolding around the Clock Tower with a lantern highlighted

Image: Capcom via Polygon

As you round the corner, look for the taller section of scaffolding. There’s a lantern hanging near the top with a yellow diamond. Crouch as you cross the fragile boards on your way to it.


At the far side, turn left to find a barrel with pesetas. Duck through the door to find a Merchant room. Check the left for a yellow herb and a barrel with handgun ammo. Behind the wall, climb the ladder to find some first aid spray and two barrels with pesetas and another first aid spray.

Sell the Elegant Clock, Mirror, and Gold Bar along with any velvet blue you have. Before you buy any tune-ups, though, read the next section about preparing for the upcoming boss fight.

The Merchant will mention that you should take care of any leftover tasks before you continue — this is the end of your time in the Castle. If you’ve missed anything, now is your chance to backtrack.

We’ll take on the Ramon Salazar boss fight next. Or you can return to our full Resident Evil 4 remake walkthrough here.

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