Streamer xQc Puts $500,000 On France To Win The World Cup

Streamer xQc Puts $500,000 On France To Win The World Cup


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Like a lot of other people around the world, streamer xQc put a bet on the World Cup final earlier tonight. Unlike a lot of other people, however, he claims he threw down half a million dollars, then publicly bragged about it before kick-off.

Here is the shot:

(Note that xQc has been caught up in the controversy over Twitch’s decision to ban gambling on the site, brought on in large part down to partnerships like the one between xQc and Stake, the company involved in this bet)

His bravado was understandable! I loved the Messi narrative as much as the next football fan, but seeing France put both my teams (Australia and England) to the sword without breaking a sweat—and while missing stars like Benzema, Pogba and Kante—made their march to a second successive World Cup win feel somewhat inevitable.

But no! After one hell of a final, Argentina survived first a Kylian Mbappe-led comeback and then a nervy penalty shootout to emerge victorious, winning their third World Cup final, and first since 1986. Their side is full of great players, from wily veteran Angel Di Maria to beloved shithouser Emi Martinez, but the real star (and focus of the entire planet’s media) was of course on Lionel Messi.

The best player in the world over the last 15 years, the one thing missing from his trophy cabinet—and for certain folks his place among the absolute all-time greats—had been a World Cup triumph, so it was wonderful to be able to see him close out what is surely his last campaign with a win.

Anyway! I’m not here to give you a game recap, I’m just providing context as to why putting $500,000 down on France to win is called a bet, and not a sure thing.

Here’s the chaser.

At least he took it well! It was indeed a good game all around, and a fun watch. Especially for those of us who watched it for free.


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