The Most Important Resident Evil 4 Remake Tip: Get the New Bolt Thrower

Resident Evil 4 Remake may have new boss fights, reworked maps, and a shiny new look, but one thing that remains the same as all previous versions is the terrifyingly scarce ammo. There are many ways to save ammo in RE4 remake, we document those right here, but for new players and returning veterans alike there’s a new method of ammo conservation you need to know about: The Bolt Thrower. This entirely new weapon is available from the merchant in Chapter 2 (and on sale at said merchant in Chapter 3, which you should take advantage of if you are short on money – as well as ammo). There’s a video about how the Bolt Thrower works and exactly where to get it at the top of the page, so check that out.

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We love this glorified crossbow! And you will, too.

The Bolt Thrower has “infinite” ammo that you can recover after firing in its main mode: You start out with the ability to load 4 bolts which fire a bit slower than your handgun, but can be used the same way. The key is to use the bolt thrower on heads or, perhaps even more effective, legs, which can stagger an enemy (two shots to legs, depending on power) and leave them open to a melee attack, again, saving you ammo. The bolts appear as ammo pickups on the dead enemy if they find their mark, or appear in the environment if you miss. Here are some Bolt Thrower tips to get you started:

  • The bolt thrower also has a mode which throws a mine, basically a timed grenade if you stick it right into an enemy, or a proximity mine if you stick it to the floor. Using a mine shot destroys a bolt.
  • -Bolts appear on the map when you fire them and don’t pick them up.
  • You can’t recover bolts from areas you cannot access, but if they are located high up on a wall, you might be able to recover them by pressing up against the wall and collecting them.
  • Upgrade your power first, then add capacity and firing speed; this will make your Bolt Thrower relatively similar in effectiveness to your handgun. Its bolts fire a bit slower though, so beware of long distance shots.
  • Don’t use the Bolt Thrower against flying enemies or enemies with a big void behind them or you might lose bolts.
  • Aim for the legs instead of the head to lose fewer bolts: they will just hit the ground if you miss instead of flying into the horizon!
  • You can craft new bolts from knives you pick up and even mines but you’ll need recipes from the merchant and other materials.
  • Use Bolt Throwers to target crows milling around on the ground (but not up high) to make them drop random items without startling nearby crows
  • Attachable mines can be used to cover windows and doors from ambushing enemies, or plant one on a route you know enemies will take to try and grab Ashley while you’re busy fighting others.

Ahhh, you’ll buy it at a low price! In Chapter 3.

We have a massive guide created by really, really excellent players you can find some links to below. Enjoy Resident Evil 4 Remake, one of the best games we’ve ever played, and happy throwing!

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