The Sims 4’s latest expansion gives you even more family options to play God with

The newest expansion pack for the Sims 4 is centered around family interactions and dynamics — which is perfectly timed to the game’s big infant update coming out in March. Titled Growing Together, the expansion back will not only add a brand new neighborhood, but more importantly more interactions and moments for Sim families.

The big infant update hits on March 14, and gameplay mechanics like breastfeeding, crawling, and more will be available to all Sims players. The Growing Together pack, however, will add some new objects for infantas, like a changing station, as well as infant milestones, which will unlock new abilities and interactions.

But infants aren’t the only lifestage getting special attention in this pack — toddlers, children, and elders will also be getting more to do. (Those young adults, adults, and teenagers have had too much cool content for too long!) Additionally, the pack will also introduce a social compatibility feature to deepen the different types of relationships that Sims can have, as well as a more complex family tree. Does this mean my Sim’s vampire husband will recognize that her brother’s husband is his brother-in-law and not just a dude living in the same house? I can’t say for certain, but I really hope so because their relationship is on thin-ice.

You can find out more about all the new features in The Sims 4: Growing Together on the games/the-sims/news/the-sims-4-grow-together-guided-tour”>EA website. More information about the infant update and the new pack will be available on March 3, during a first look stream on Twitch and YouTube.

This isn’t the first Sims 4 pack to focus on the family. The 2017 game pack, The Sims 4: Parenthood, introduced a lot of parenting and child-rearing mechanics, including curfews, school projects, and parental discipline.

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