Transformers: Rise of Beasts trailer shows Mirage ahead of Beast Wars

The Beast Wars were on the way in the first Transformers: Rise of Beasts trailer, but during the Super Bowl, we got a slightly better look at the human side of the movie. The trailer, which seems to be a co-advertisement with Porsche is relatively dialog-free and mostly focuses on a few familiar robot faces. Transformers: Rise of Beasts will arrive in theaters on June 9.

Rise of the Beasts isn’t a straight adaptation of Beast Wars, but a movie that will bring some of its characters into the fold with franchise staples like Optimus and Bumblebee. And while no one is ruling out the Predacon villains from the animated series, the antagonists this time around will be the Terrorcons, a new threat created just for Rise of the Beasts.

The Super Bowl spot for the latest movie in the Transformers series puts a pretty heavy focus on Mirage, but makes time for other Autobots like Optimus Prime too. The trailer also gives us a few looks a Mirage’s human friend, Noah (Anthony Ramos) who seems to be Rise of Beast’s main character.

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