Why Trampoline Fun May Not Be Insured by Your Homeowner’s Policy

Why Trampoline Fun May Not Be Insured by Your Homeowner’s Policy

Ah, the joys of summer. As healthy as summertime and after-school activity is for your kids, there is a definite downside to some forms.

A downside?

What could ever be wrong with some good old fashioned fun? The question apparently has been turned around by every angle by the insurance industry. When it comes to fun with a potential for danger, the experts say, the risks may be too great for a related company’s likings.

So, trampolines – that device that allows your kids to jump until their energy is spent and then go for some more – may actually not be in the terms and conditions of your home coverage policy.

Now, do not simply take this article’s say as proof. Go ahead check out the facts yourself. But please do your research before you actually purchase one or use it because if you find that it’s excluded, you will not be protected in the event of a liability for injury!

Read your policy carefully.

Is your trampoline covered? If you do not see any stipulated exclusion about trampolines, you have the green light go-ahead to its use. Should an associated accident actually occur, you will have the insurance clout protection that generally will pay for damages you are responsible for in the event of a law suit’s determination.

But what if your trampoline is covered conditionally? If you are confused about the question, allow us to explain.

Some insurance companies will include trampoline coverage under the terms and conditions of a home owner’s policy only if specific safety concerns are addressed. This means that your coverage is dependent on the installation of a net fence or the installation of similar precautionary equipment.

Then, we come to a situation when an insurance plan does not cover trampoline at all. Read through the policy conditions with a fine tooth comb to see if such an item is excluded from coverage. If you are still intent on having a trampoline, do not buy or use one until you have procured the appropriate policy that indeed covers it. Bear in mind though that a homeowner’s plan that includes a trampoline may likely have higher premiums than one that does not.

Certainly, discussing your particular case with a knowledgeable independent agent is the correct manner in approaching the matter. In fact, conferring with an insurance agent who has your best interest in mind will empower you in your choice of policy – something that will give you the right protection when you need it most.

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